Life is. . .

Life is funny.  One day it’s roses and rainbows and the next you could get a punch in the face when it’s least expected.  Forest Gump’s mother was right about the box of chocolates. 

Having my husband, Jim, in hospice has made me realize just how many of us get caught up in our busy schedules and take the small things in life for granted. 

Spending more time with our family, saying “I love you” and just being there for them is more precious than any material item you can give.

It’s the attention we give, the empathy we have and the love we share that makes every day a gift.

I am spending everyday with Jim, and will also continue to publish Designers Circle as usual.

Thank you all for the support, thoughts and prayers you have given us.

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  1. Elaine Rhodes

    Thinking of you often!! God bless you little lady!!

  2. Indeed!

  3. Karen Mandarino

    Nancy, we are with you and your husband all of our prayers are for you. Everyone should live through your words.

  4. You and your family are in my thoughts daily. Take good care of each other and all your heartfelt moments together. Hugs

  5. Art Johnson

    Good to hear from you, Nancy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts during the this most difficult time for you. I admire your strength, your love for your family, and your devotion to your husband in his journey. God Bless you all.

  6. Tammie Willis

    I understand you completely, Nancy. The past three years have been a rollercoster with my dear husband and I made the decision that time away from him in the evening was something I would rue in the future, so I have eschewed all networking functions to be with him. He has let me know that it means so much to him and when it is his time to pass, the memories will be awesome. Praying for you and your sweetheart.

  7. Dear Nancy…Keeping you both in positive thoughts/prayer and wishes for strength, peace & much love through this time in your lives…Janet Sweigart


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