The newest kitchen and bath ideas are always introduced at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show that was combined with the International Builders Show which was held in Las Vegas.   The combined attendance for both shows was over 117,000 people who viewed more than 2,400 exhibits and walked 678,000 square feet.  Whew!  That is a lot of walking.

Jason Miller, current president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Arizona North Chapter, is back with us to talk about the new trends and ideas that impressed him and will most likely be available in 2024.

Sustainability from many of the manufacturers seemed to be the common theme at the show.  Jason talks about the sustainable methods from some of the manufactures and what we can expect in that forum.

Natural, warmer, calming colors seems to be prevalent in many of the booths but appliances and plumbing fixtures introduced their colorful items to add to the softer color palette.

Jason also described cabinet ideas for kitchens and bathrooms and new applications for countertop materials.

Listen for more innovative, unique and fun ideas for your home.

Jeffery Alexander


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