Operation Enduring Gratitude, founded by Charlie Ellis, is an organization of veterans and Non-Veterans alike, serving veterans by rebuilding homes and lives.


Our way of life has been and continues to be provided and defended by people who have risked everything in defense of our Country whether in combat or in support of fellow troops. We call these people Veterans, the gate keepers of the world’s freedom.


As our service members return and enter back into their homes, life happens, and a never-ending need develops. It can simply be a little bit of help but sometimes there is a lot more.


At operation Enduring Gratitude Foundation, we want to be a part of expressing Enduring Gratefulness to these who have been fundamental to our way of life. We embrace and give thanks to those service members whose sacrifices have ensured our way of life will continue.
Charlies’ latest projects are in need of volunteers.
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