Unless you are a professional painter, knowing what paints and finishes to apply to walls, ceilings, cabinets, etc. can be very confusing.  Laurie Clark, Senior Designer Accounting Executive with Sherwin-Williams covering Arizona and Las Vegas, chatted with Nancy about what we should know regarding paints.  Before you pick up that paint brush, listen to our conversation.  

Some of the questions Laurie answered:

  1. For the do-it-yourselfers, what is the most difficult part of painting the interior of the house?
  2. Is oil-based paint popular? Where can you use oil-based paint?
  3. Should the soffits be painted to match the ceiling color or wall color?
  4. What color should the ceiling be painted? 
  5. Should the whole soffit – sides & bottom – be the same color?
  6. What is the best paint finish for a kitchen? For a bathroom? 
  7. Should the master bedroom and master bath be painted the same color?
  8. Can each room be painted a different color?
  9. When there’s an accent wall, what color should the other walls be?
  10. What finishes should the bedrooms, and living & dining rooms be?
  11. What are the most popular paint colors for this year?
  12. What paint should be used for cabinets?

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