Nancys avatarLast week was very interesting since I spent most of my time at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. I drove to and from Vegas with Clare Kronemeyer, one of the Designers Circle Bloggers.  She was a great driving companion giving me directions from my google map since the “voice” on maps decided not to speak.  Have no idea what’s up with that!  You can see Clare with Décor’s Discover Wine Station on designerscircle.

I decided to share what I saw at the show on my newly created Fan Page.  With phone camera in Dan’s hands, we posted pictures and videos of the people I interviewed, and of course, some fun pictures as well.  Oh, for those of you who don’t know Dan, he has been with me since the birth of Designers Circle, and I’ve been with him since his birth.

For the next several weeks you will be seeing reviews and pictures of the International Builders Show(IBS) and the Kitchen & Bath Show (K/BIS) in all the design magazines, Youtube and HGTV, and all the social media platforms.  Not to be outdone, contributing writer, Michael Thomas, reviewed the show on Designers Corner.  The New Products section has the best in show items.

This does not happen often, but instead of ranting about something I don’t like, I am going to share what I do like about my phone.  After lots of research and trying to focus on what device would give me the best bang for the buck, I decided on the Samsung Note 3.  It’s the perfect size, right in the middle of a smart phone and a tablet.  It’s got more functions than a small airplane cockpit, and easy to use if you take the time to learn.  Don’t think I know everything about this phone, I don’t.  We are designers, not computer gurus.  I can text, email, post pictures to pinterest and even talk to people.  I can “write” everything with the stylus from texts to filling in a calendar.  (I have had a paper calendar since the beginning of time, but this just might change me over to paperless.)

This little gizmo is amazing!  I would recommend it in a minute. 

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