nancyEnough already! One more picture, story or newsflash of Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner and I’m going to scream. I know more about this person than I do about my own daughter. The media has totally gone overboard publishing pictures of every single thing she does, where she goes and who she’s with. I did notice that her clothes are very expensive, designer labeled, her hair is in great condition, and her nails and make-up are always impeccable. It’s lucky for her she is so tall, or her ex-wife and kids might be asking to borrow her clothes.

Lately Caitlyn has shared her political views on social programs. We know it’s not going to stop there. When a microphone is shoved in a person’s face constantly, that person will most likely share their thoughts on anything and everything, if asked.

With that being said, can we see Caitlyn Jenner giving Hillary Clinton a competitive run for the White House? Both have been married to unscrupulous big mouths, both have a large group of handlers and well-know friends, and both have great wealth. The American people have proven that their choices for the leader of the free world can be anyone from a peanut farmer to a community organizer.

It would seem to be an interesting idea, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.