This week Nancy chatted with Jan Rutgers, founder of Vestabul Design School, about the positives and negatives of HGTV and how it affects our clients.  Follow the outline on our conversation:

Biggest complaints from the industry

  •  Unrealistic budgets
  •  Unrealistic timelines

Biggest misconceptions from consumers

  • This is entertainment not representative -A lot of the drama is fabricated
  • Many of the front people are actors not professional designers
  • Good on camera with a huge team behind them doing all the work

What are the Positives HGTV has done for the Kitchen Design Industry

  • They have brought awareness to the kitchen industry as a whole
  • Showing examples of showpiece kitchen; open concept living
  • Make a new kitchen highly desirable
  • They introduce new decor style such as Modern Farmhouse 
  • Makes it easy to access get-the-look products across the nation
  • The create demand for high end products
  • Gas ranges, quartz counter, custom hoods, apron front sinks, wine fridges
  • They introduce unique design solutions:  banquettes, using furniture pieces, artisan pieces
  • Easier to convince consumer to try something different
  • Some shows experiment with more adventurous color combinations
  • Shows can’t always repeat the same look show after show so tend to mix it up
  • Clients can be more willing to break away from the all white kitchen

Changes that are occurring

  • Not all of the decor shows are following the formula that insists on drama
  • More realistic timelines and budgets are being discussed

People have been watching a lot of HGTV during the pandemic

  • Kitchen designers need to be aware of the shows their prospects are watching 
  • Be prepared to take advantage of the buzz.

Photo By Allen Tate, a member of Luxury Portfolio International



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October 14, 2020

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