Nancys avatarOh my God!  It’s raining in Phoenix!  It doesn’t happen frequently, but when it does, the crazy drivers are out in droves.  It’s not that difficult to figure out that practicing to be a NASCAR driver on wet roads is not reasonable and prudent; nor is creeping along at a snail’s pace causing long back-ups on the highways and byways.

My favorite stupid driver trick is when people try to drive through a wash.  For those not familiar with the Valley of the Sun’s streets and roads, a wash is a small gully where heavy rains drain off the land filling up the gully.  The depth of what may look like a puddle, could be 5 or 6 feet deep.    

Even if the driver is familiar with the location and depth of the wash, the brain cells go dormant, and the driver heads right into the wash.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a car is not a boat.  Or maybe it does, considering how many people have done this.  And, unfortunately, several have died because of their stupidity. 

Okay, I will admit that there are a lot of people who should not have a driver’s license, or a car for that matter.  But notice how they all come out during the rainstorms?  People, if you’re not sure how to maneuver your vehicle on the slippery, wet roads, stay home and have your food delivered.  Please!!
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