From experience we, as kitchen designers, know that the gas range is the preferred cooking appliance for many of our clients.  They dream of having the professional range complete the look of their kitchen.  But it’s not just the aesthetics of a magnificent focal point, it’s the performance of cooking with gas that many prefer. Many professional chefs cook with gas because it provides evenly distributed heat, which can be adjusted precisely to the level required, quick response time and usability of varied cookware.

Electric stoves are overall more common in the U.S., with 68 percent of households owning one as compared to 38 percent having a gas stove. There are pros and cons on both sides. 

The federal government was considering banning gas stoves as a hazardous product. Environmental activists have pointed to the impact of methane from the stove as well as potential research suggesting gas stoves could cause conditions like asthma.

I am sure the manufacturers of luxury gas ranges were very happy to hear that the ban on gas stoves was defeated last week, so not to worry, your clients can still have that commercial-looking gas range on their wish list.