Yes, the country is lifting the quarantine, going into effect at different times depending on the state’s governor, but you can’t just act like this never happened. In 1918 when the quarantine was lifted for the Spanish Flu, there was a resurgence of infected cases.  We don’t want history to repeat itself, so I would suggest the following:

Continue practicing social distancing.  It slows the spread of viral transmission from people who come into close contact. Hosting a party at home or crowding into a bar will jam people together in a room, giving any lingering coronavirus on an asymptomatic host the perfect opportunity to infect others, who then could pass it along.

If you have to get with your friends because you are having withdrawal symptoms, I would suggest picking 20 friends so you know who will be infecting you. Keep in touch with these friends so you know who has symptoms and who doesn’t.   Each should self-quarantine for 14 days, and record their daily temperature.   Get with those same 20 friends when you are out of quarantine, and do it all over again. Sounds like fun, huh?

Patronize stores where both employees and customers are wearing face masks or other face coverings. If you find yourself in a place where people aren’t wearing masks, they probably aren’t following any of the CDC rules, so just leave.  You don’t need what they are selling and you certainly don’t need to get COVID-19.

Don’t stop washing your hands.  This should have been part of your life from when you were a child.  Just do it and do it frequently.

Don’t visit high-risk people.  As much as you miss your granny, she’ll love you more if you respect the rules and keep her safe.

The only way we will “get through this together” is to respect each other and follow the rules.

See you soon, but not too soon!