Oh no!  Tell me it’s not true. After all the hours of work I spend updating Designers Circle every week, only a small percentage of the site is being read by the Design Community. 

Research has shown how people view websites, how they read them and why this happens.  Part of the reason is time or the lack of it.  Instead of actually reading all the text, most folks will just scan the text and look at the pictures missing out on a lot of the important stuff.

Another reason is short attention span especially in areas that they are not passionate about.  Some people are reluctant to sit still long enough to listen to a lecture, but they can sit for hours at the ballpark watching a bunch of guys hit a ball.  Go figure!

It comes right down to making websites entertaining, interesting and so riveting that the delete button doesn’t exist in the moment. Also, some kind of personal/direct benefit that will come to them, an incentive, so to speak, may make folks more apt to thoroughly absorb the information being presented.

Much of my time since January has been scheduling and recording my new series of podcasts about everything having to do with design.  My guests on the podcasts are people from our own Design Community known by almost everyone. 

Since listening to podcasts eliminates taking the time to “read,” but instead can be listened to while checking emails, driving, walking the dog or soaking in a tub, my question is “why are so few being listened to routinely?”

After recording the podcasts, I go back to listen to them before they are published on iTunes which, by the way, is available worldwide. Naturally, I find them interesting and full of great information! You can subscribe to Home Design Chat with Nancy through iTunes HERE.

I’m not complaining, but actually asking for your input.  I have heard several comments about what a podcast is and how to listen to one.  If I can help you answer these questions, or if you have any suggestions, please send an email to Nancy@nancyhugo.com.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read, not scan this soapbox!