If you have ever HAD to write a report, short story or a comment more than one sentence, you probably have experienced writer’s block, a good description for that blank stare when your brain is not engaged.  Mine lasts for a couple of minutes until I review in my head what my week was like.  Then, like a bolt of lightning, it comes to me!  Something I could complain about or expound on, hopefully, in a comical way so as to not insult everyone.  Some have commented that I write what people think, which gives me impetus to continue this awesome column.

Ahh! The perfect segue for this week.  Awesome must be the most overused word in our everyday spoken conversations.  It has become part of all age group’s vocabulary to describe everything from bad to good.

Recently I made reservations at a restaurant so I gave my name to a young adult male who excitedly said “awesome.”  I really don’t think my name is awesome but whatever. 

This word is overused because people can’t or won’t come up with a different expression.  If you are younger than 30 and still using awesome in every sentence, it’s ok.  Eventually you will mature and see how silly it sounds.  If you are middle-aged and using this word because you think it makes you sound cool, it doesn’t.  Exercise your brain cells to come up with words that are more professional.  You will come out the winner and thank me, maybe!

I am adding “amazing” to my list of obnoxious and overused words.  Originally meaning “causing overwhelming surprise or astonishment,” it is now being used as an exclamation or description for anything and everything.  All we hear these days is: “This food is amazing;” “Your shoes are amazing;” “The color for this room is amazing.”  Enough already! Not EVERYTHING is amazing so, therefore, this word has lost its meaning.  Get over it and find another word!

If you have any awesome or amazing comments, feel free to share!