feindexDo you have a great website? If so it should include these 5 things…

Mobile friendliness – With 4 out of 5 of you potential clients using smartphones to shop, it’s now is even more important to create a mobile friendly browsing experience for your web visitors. Browsing on the small screen of a mobile phone or tablet is a completely different experience than browsing on a computer, so it is important to adjust your website for mobile visitors. For this reason it’s also imperative that all you email address and phone number are clickable.

A clear message – After landing on your websites home page, a visitor shouldn’t have to guess what your business does or if they’re in the right place or what they should do next. Make it very clear what your message is, why your visitor should care, and don’t be afraid to tell them what to do once they’re there. Make them want to stick around by letting them know you have content, resources, products and services that can help solve their issues and needs, and you’ll not only gain a fan, but also a repeat visitor.

Customer Testimonials – Approximately 90% of consumers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions. Now there’s another statistic you can’t ignore! If you have a great business with happy customers, why not prominently display those on your website?

Well Thought out Contact Page – Of course you want users to be able to get in touch with you! Your Contact page should include an email form and an email address (although having your email address on your contact page makes it easier for people to contact you it may also lead to getting spam), along with your social icons so people can connect with you outside of your Website.

Good Looking and Smart Too – Content should be the first priority of your website but it doesn’t hurt to have a site with a great style. Website that have pages that are brighter, bolder, and more visual containing professional photos and graphics make your business look more professional and tend to keep users engaged.


ChrisD-11-150x150.jpgThis is just a short list of things that will optimize and enhance your businesses website. If your website is lacking these qualities, needs an update, or you need a site, email Chris at chris@hogfishinc.com to  discuss some options for an awesome, online presence.