Nancy typically publishes Home Design Chat with Nancy every Wednesday, but had to delay til January 29 due to scheduling conflicts.  Today’s subject is the open floor plan and what Nancy’s comments are about how this design can work for everyone.  

Yes to the Open Floor Plan             

  • Perfect for entertaining 
  • More airy and spacious
  • Families spent more time together during pandemic
  • Multi-functional rooms

No to the Open Floor Plan

  • Separate dining rooms & foyers
  • Kitchen mess not seem by everyone       
  • Separate spaces for each function

She also talked about how Covid-19 has changed everything about our lives as we knew it in 2019.  How we eat differently, we work differently, we dress differently and we socialize differently.

Summary:  After creating space within the home to be separated from family members at times,  there’s a major longing for a return to the days of gathering, together, at the center of the house. “People want to be with people.”

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