Don’t throw it out before you check it out.  

    • Antique: An antique item is something that is about 100 years old or older. So in 2022, an item would need to be from 1922 or earlier to generally be considered antique. Examples could include handmade, wooden furnishings, paintings, or other decor items.

    • Vintage: Vintage furniture and other items have a broader age requirement than antiques, though they must be old enough to feel like they are from a pre-existing time period or a bygone era. This would include items that are anywhere from about 20 to 99 years old. Oftentimes, vintage items bring back feelings of nostalgia and may also be collectible.

    • Retro: When it comes to retro furniture or decor, it may not actually be old at all. You often will find retro pieces at popular retailers today. These items are newly made but designed to look like vintage or antique items. For example, you might find a pair of “vintage” shoes or an “old” lamp that evoke styles of times past, though they are not actually from an older time.