AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaAAAAAJDk1NzUyYTQ3LTYwM2YtNDZmMi1iN2JmLWI0YzQxZDI5NTBlZAAmong the great chefs of the world, it is widely believed that the success of a meal is directly related on the color and texture of the ingredients. I have always believed that color is the essential ingredient to create the ideal kitchen, a playground to experiment with your taste, senses and your personal style without restriction.

Color provides sensation, mood and personality. The colors we choose for our kitchen reflects the way we look at life. Color defines who we are as individuals. As the kitchen becomes more neutral, we find that pockets of color will define the character of the space. 

Color was once the exclusive domain of the affluent home-owner who never worried about the effect of color on the resale value of the home.  But today, the American palette is developing a more sophisticated eye for complex color along with the freedom of expression.

Approaching the kitchen as a fashion statement, I am always on the watch for color trends and influences. From the runways of Paris to the auto salons of Milan…Color is everywhere and that includes the kitchen. A stainless steel appliance, that cornerstone of modern kitchen design, is now giving way to bright, bold and edgy color combinations. 

Not since the 70’s, with a limited pallet of Harvest Gold and Avocado Green, has there been such an opportunity to add color to the kitchen.  Today, many manufacturers offer anywhere from basic primary colors like Red, Blue, Yellow and Green to the entire color spectrum of the human eye. 

From the passionate feelings created by a Sangria-Red  or Maze-Yellow to the timeless qualities of Cobalt-Blue or Forrest Green, to the crispness of a Sunset Orange to the sophistication of rich violet. Color gives life to space and allows form and function to take shape. With its expressive quality and its striking appeal, I feel that space is inseparable from color.

Returning to the center-stage after along hiatus, color is back with a vengeance, it appears that we are on the leading edge of a color renaissance. Evoking multi-sensory impressions, color is reaching, once again, to new heights of popularity. If the new definition of luxury is “personalization,” then it may be safe to say “Color is the new black.”

photo1-150x150.jpgDesigner, writer, speaker, Kevin Henry is a recognized “thought-leader” to the kitchen industry for over 30 years and is sought out for his views and observations regarding market trends and industry direction. His blog, The Essential Kitchen (www.theessentialkitchen.blogspot.com), is followed world-wide by both consumers as well as industry and media leaders. Kevin is invited to speak internationally on a wide range of topics, including luxury branding, sustainable kitchen design and market trends. Mr Henry is the Director of Business Development at DACOR, a California-based manufacturer of ultra-premium residential kitchen appliances. You can contact Kevin at khenry@dacor.com