You will have lots of fun with this  Scribbler 3D Pen.


What is Scribbler 3D Pen?
Scribbler 3D Pen is a tool for the creative minds of our generation. It allows you to build 3D objects from the ground up; build any and everything you can imagine with ultimate ease and precision. Unleash your creativity and let it run rampant through your studio!


How does the Scribbler 3D PEN WORK?
The Scribbler 3D Pen uses filaments that extrude from the nozzle/tip once heated within the pen. It then instantly cools and solidifies as you begin drawing the object of your choice, giving a strong stable foundation to your structure; allowing you to create an infinite number of shapes and design with ease! Most people can instantly begin tracing as soon as they get a hold of Scribbler 3D Pen


Nancy’s Note:  The violin was made using the 3D pen.   I have this item…lots of fun, very challenging.  A good way to try out 3D printing before you purchase that $28,000 printer!!