No, I did not watch the Golden Globe awards this year or any other year, but I did read about most of the attendees wearing black to stand in solidarity to show a united front against the epidemic of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond.

First, I have to say that I do agree that it’s time people, the majority being men, took responsibility for their sick actions.  This applies not only to the entertainment industry but to all men in all divisions of society, as I have said before.

Wearing black is nothing new to these events, no big deal. Fact checking on line, I did notice that many women wore gowns that were sheer barely covering whatever, cut down to the waist or slit up as far as they can go, so nothing new there either. As part of the script they all modeled their gowns front, back and sideways. Some women wore pants to show that “women can wear the pants.”  Women have been wearing pants to these events for years.  Is this all they could come up with?

There are some big discrepancies happening here. The women who have actively accused Harvey Weinstein of rape were not invited to this event. Seems a little odd that they all want to stand up for their “sisters” yet the sisters were sitting home alone.  By the way, Kendall Jenner was invited to the event.  Why?


Oprah Winfrey took to the spotlight, her usual comfort zone when anything is going on, to make a speech about how she supports the victims of molestation and abuse, going on and on and on as Oprah does. I did read the speech on line and agree, it was a nice speech but I didn’t take it seriously.  Oprah has known “The Harve” for more than 20 years.  I was under the impression that nothing goes on without Oprah knowing about it, so I cannot believe that she was totally unaware of what the Harvey victims were enduring. 

In fact, TMZ reports that Weinstein has “repeatedly told his team and friends” that Winfrey had called him in October 2017, telling him that “he needed to speak out and defend himself, and when he did she would be right there supporting him.”

The Golden Globes, in my opinion, was just another venue to put on a fashion show.