Nancys avatarAs I am sitting here thinking about what to complain about, my husband is watching a football game. Now, there’s something that really grinds on me. Not that he’s watching a game because he could be watching golf, or a movie, or whatever he wants! But, it’s the whole subject of football!

In the mid to late 1800’s, American football started to become popular in the colleges. Without reading the whole history of this sport, because I couldn’t care less, it seems to have always been violent to some degree.

Fast forwarding to today’s situation, from my point of view, and believe me, I am not a football fan, have no idea how it is played and did not encourage my male child to participate. Luckily, he never did.

From my perspective, fans love an aggressive game. Fighting, pounding, slapping, mauling and destroying the other team is what it is all about. Well, that and the big bucks involved. So the players are conditioned to get the goal no matter what the cost. When they come off the field, their brains are not patterned to be the gentle loving husbands/fathers they should be. So who pays the price when they abuse other human beings? In addition to their training, many of the players have scrambled brains from all the shaking and banging their heads take in those helmets.

As for the money, football players have been wined and dined from the beginning of time. Why? So the college that offers them a scholarship can be the big winner and go to a bowl game. The player with the most wins has money and status. And when all said and done, the players end up with useless bodies that are riddled with pain.

Think about it! Who wins?

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