Have you ever sent an email or left a voicemail or sent a text or any of the many thousands of ways we have nowadays to reach someone, only to never hear back from them, ever?

Arguably worse, when the response never comes in the middle of a conversational volley. Two or three messages back and forth, perhaps on the topics of meetings or business or purchasing or generally expending effort, committing time, using resources, and… Poof! 


Assuming you are not including that famous return address in your messages, why is Ghosting the new conversation ender? 

Outside is the new Inside

Dan had a friend visiting Vegas and on his way through town they went to check out a new and interesting destination in the Vegas called AREA15. This is a big warehouse-style space with a few attractions inside, with the one you may have heard about the one they went to see, Omega Mart.

There’s a certain part of a visit here that is best left to the visitors, so we avoided spoilers, for the most part. It is arguably kid friendly (there’s nothing overtly adult and it’s generally a fun time with no shortage of visual, aural, and even tactile stimulation in the Omega Mart installation, but Area 15 is maybe slightly more adult-oriented, sorta like Vegas).

Have Pics, Will Share

There are only more interesting and useful ways to share anything on the internets, so is it a good idea to hide your thoughts, pictures, videos, and discussions behind a Facebook login? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If sharing is caring, should we be embracing the possibilities, or falling back on the most awful social network advertising and privacy compromise platform on the planet? (There may be some editorial comment embedded in the previous sentence)

Shameless Plugs

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