Liz Baker, an interior designer and owner of Willis Baker Design of Scottsdale, is Nancy’s guest this week.  The subject is accessorizing your home so listen to all the ideas and hints that Liz will be talking about.  Rooms without the right accessories don’t feel complete.  From using plants to setting up your shelves, if done properly the room will feel professionally designed.

  • Budget Items, Expensive Items, and Collector’s Items
  • Color – Large neutral items, pops of color in textiles, art, and wallcoverings
  • New vs Antiques
  • Books – importance of having some
  • Wood and/or plants – importance of having some
  • Placement:
  • V-shape
  • Pyramid
  • Clusters
  • Staying away from edges
  • Staying away from equidistant spacing
  • Arranging on shelving – multiples and singles
  • Minimalism vs Abundance
  • Exceptions to the Rule vs No rules – DIY vs Pro

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