three light bulbs showing ideas on a piece of paper being held by 2 hands.It seems like yesterday when Designers Circle was a twinkle in my eye; an idea that needed to be shared with the Design Community.  After many hours of Blogger tutorials, Kitchen & Bath Chatter was born.  I can still remember who the 2 people were who received the information on a weekly basis.

I attended as many events as possible collecting business cards from people who would listen to me explaining what I was trying to accomplish.  My goal was to encourage people from the different design organizations and those who were independent  to socialize & network. Having a central location for the event information instead of having to go into several sources would make it much easier and less time consuming to meet others with the same interests. Remember, this was 2008 when business was really slowing down and many were trying to cut down on expenses by having home offices or making serious career changes which led to the disconnection of people knowing what was going on.

At one of the events I attended, I was approached by a business owner about advertising.  I had no clue why he would want to advertise on my little blog and besides, I didn’t know how to go about putting an advertisement on the site, but after more hours of tutorials, I learned what widgets were and how to link them.

In addition to a name change, Designers Circle has gone through several format, layout, design and content changes since its inception 9 years ago. I have hosted many, many Happy Hours and Holiday Parties, done fundraiser events, directed videos, produced podcast interviews, and written more articles then I would ever have imagined. I have been interviewed and published many times and met and spoken with several thousand interesting people.  Yes, it is a lot of work but also very satisfying and fun.  Every day is filled with the unexpected!  

I would like to thank all the advertisers who support Designers Circle, all the writers of the Designers Circle blogs, and all the readers who have enjoyed and hopefully, benefited from my weekly publication.