Nancys avatarArizona is getting a bad rap for our Bad Driving Statistics. We must have some of the worse drivers in the country, but we have several reasons for this.
First, Arizona has a large elderly population who, when not driving those crazy golf carts, are using public street scaring the @#$% out of people. Unfortunately, senior citizens don’t want to willingly give up their driver’s license, hence losing their independence. This group is easy to spot. When you are driving behind them, it looks like the car is moving without a driver. They are sitting very low in their seat, peering out through the steering wheel and going way below the speed limit. God help us when they make turns or try to park.

Second, there’s the party population. Many of these young drivers attend ASU, our well-known party school. Do you really think they have the brains to not drive while drunk, or under the influence of drugs? This is a no-brainer. Drinking does not make for safe driving. It doesn’t stop here. Once they graduate, they really feel they are smarter than everyone else and can handle booze, drugs and a car, all at the same time.

And third, our population is full of transplants from other states. This group is used to driving in big cities or on farms. Put that together with the other two groups and we have mass mayhem on our streets and highways.

I can honestly say that driving on our streets lately puts my life at risk. These lunatics should stay home during the early morning drive times, during most of the daytime hours, in the evenings, and any other time I’m on the streets.

A driving time frame should be set aside for these incompetents who drive on our highways and byways. I’m thinking between 1:30pm and 2pm, Tuesdays and every other Thursday. What are your thoughts?
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