Nancys avatar A few years ago I had never heard of Anthony Weiner, a congressman from New York.  He’s a skinny nothing of a guy who has become one of the ongoing jokes of the political world.  In 2011 he resigned his position from Congress because he was tweeting pictures of himself in his tighty whities.  Not a pretty sight in my opinion, but then, typical of idiots in the public eye, denied that he had anything to do with sending these pictures out for the world to see.  He insisted that someone hacked into his Twitter account. 

This little “twit” is now running in the New York City mayoral race.  Well, naturally, as we have all seen in the past, a candidate has NO secrets.  True or false, all the stories eventually come out of the closet.  It has come to light that, not only did he deny his involvement in tweeting the pictures, but he then hired a detective to prove his innocence to the tune of just under $45,000 from his campaign cash.  He said he was victimized and that someone used his password.  Oh, please! 

Well, as the scenario usually goes, he finally admitted that he had tweeted lewd photos of himself to six women, but he was so sorry for lying.  Oh sure, that’s why he was about to embark on another sexting spree with a 22-year-old woman from Indiana.  This internet fling became public last week, and now threatens his political comeback.

Not only is his wife sticking by this moron, but Weiner really expects New Yorkers to stand on his side by voting him into office. 

Weiner doesn’t seem to have an ethical morsel in his bony body, but he’s probably counting on people sharing his morals.  In my opinion, the first thing he should do is change his last name.  That says it all!
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