Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and kidsHave we had enough of the Jolie-Pitt saga to last us two lifetimes. The media named the “beautiful couple” Brangelina, a stupid name in my opinion. Angie is a crazy weird person to begin with (remember the vile of blood around her neck, and kissing her brother passionately in front of the cameras?),and was shacking up with Brad while he was still married to Jennifer Anniston.  No surprise there, right?  What goes around, comes around . . . just saying!

So these 2 publicity mongers traveled all over the world picking up kids and having some of their own.  They decided after 6 kids, and being together 9 years, they would get married “for the kids.”  

Less than 2 years later the divorce announcement “shocked the world.” This was not shocking news.  Kim Jong-un launching a missle and threatening to nuc the United States is shocking news.  Anything these 2 morons do cannot shock anyone.

So finally after 2 years of filing for divorce, trumped up child abuse charges, detectives, affairs, lawyers, kid drama, new houses, TV appearances, pictures of their every move, etc., you would think this would be done and over with!  But as of May, 2017, these two are thinking of getting back together.  In my opinion, this was all done for a reason . . . publicity.  And they pulled it off.  But politics has taken over the media, so the Brangelina drama is moving away from the front page.  Thank God for small favors. 

Now if we can just get Kris Jenner to stay away from a camera and go live under a rock!