I really had to dig deep to come up with something to write about. That must mean that things are going pretty well for 2015, albeit we are only on day 19 of the first month of the year. But fear not, there is always something that irks the @#$% out of me.

I try to do the marathon food shopping in one day because this is my least favorite task. I compare this to cleaning the oven. Oh, that’s right. Now it cleans itself. But I digress! I have been shopping at the same Fry’s since I moved to Arizona 36 years ago. I know where everything is so I can literally run through the aisles faster than a speeding bullet. I broke my routine and thought I would shop at a different location. What was I thinking?

Wouldn’t it make sense to put everything in the same place in all the markets? But no! Not only was it a challenge to find anything, but when I asked an employee where a certain item was, she pointed me to the same exact place I was at 3 times. Then she “escorted” me to that same place insisting it was there. When I told her that the item was not there, she said, “Oh, we don’t carry that item. Each store carries different items depending on the location of the store.” Does that make any sense? No! And why didn’t she tell me that in the first place?

And while I am complaining about Fry’s, let me just say that it would make more sense if they wouldn’t put the stuff I shop for on the very top shelf. No tall person was around to help me, so I had to get a broom off their display area and knock the one can off the shelf. Very slick of me to catch it before it hit me in the head.
When I check out, even if it’s just a few items, they always ask me if I need help caring out my package.

Now, I ask you, if I really look helpless, maybe I should just hand them my list so they can do my shopping for me?