Nancys avatarMy Black Friday started out bright and early with a phone call from a friend who was checking the events page on Designers Circle so she could set up her calendar for the week. She wanted to let me know that no matter what section on the tool bar she clicked, a page offering Viagra opened up. How nice was that?

Luckily Chris, my IT guru, was camping within phone range and had his computer with him. He was able to restore the site one week back so all I had to do was re-create last week’s site.  This WAS NOT FUN! This is not the first time Chris has answered an SOS. He’s always there for me and solves the problem. A big thank you to Chris!

This is one example of things that go crazy with websites. Putting up a website or doing anything on the internet takes time to set up, but it doesn’t stop there. I am not a computer whiz by any means, but I will tell you I spend more time in front of my computer updating and maintaining sites, Pinterest included. This sounds crazy but, yes, I do monitor a group board on Pinterest. The pins are posted by people I have invited to be pinners and also by a few who have been invited by my invitees. I didn’t know this when I set up the board. Well, wouldn’t you know that every once in a while a pin shows up selling something. So in essence, it’s a free advertisement by the person who posted it. These people like to hook on to sites that have a lot of followers, which this board has. My job is to maintain the board so it has the same criteria that it had when I started it. Can you imagine what a Pinterest board would look like if anyone could post and no one maintained it? Remember your teenager’s gross bedroom that was a total disaster, but nothing specific could be found? Need I say more?

A website that is not maintained or is outdated will not interest anyone. You and your website are representative of your business. What message do you want to send out to your prospective clients? Think about it!!
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