Nancys avatarI can’t tell you how excited I am about the TSA revising their rules allowing people to bring small knives, pool cues and 2 golf clubs with them on the plane.  What are they thinking?  Box cutters are still not allowed even though the blade is smaller than a pocket knife.  And who’s to say that some nutcase won’t use his 2 golf clubs as a weapon to hurt someone?  They will let anyone bring knitting needles in a carry-on bag but scissors are still not permitted.  Excuse me!  Knitters always need scissors.  And what about the “no hairspray rule” in your carry-on?  Has anyone ever been killed with hairspray?  I don’t think so!

Don’t get me started about not being able to bring toothpaste or bottled water in my purse when corkscrews are allowed.  I would like to know what nitwit made up these rules.  

I am off to Atlanta for a few days and, as you are reading this soapbox, I am on my way to the airport.  Ever since the shoe bomber incident, we have to remove our shoes when going through security.  I have a problem with that, more so in the summer, because when I take off my shoes I’m standing on a cold marble floor, most likely covered with dirt and other people’s foot germs.  I can’t wear socks because they’ll look ridiculous with sandals.  And thank you very much, I don’t wear Birkenstocks! 

It’s a good thing they let us keep our underwear on after the underwear bomber incident.

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