Nancys avatarMark Johnson, a whining gambler (not winning) from California, flew to Las Vegas for Super Bowl week-end and ended up leaving 1/2 million dollars at a downtown casino.  So now he’s suing the casino for “letting him” lose that much money.  Ah, poor baby!

I read the news stories for a little more background, and found that Johnson is on prescription drugs, drank on the plane, in the limo and at the restaurant, and now blames the casino for serving him more liquor.  In addition, he had a woman with him during most of this escapade.  Wow!  She must have had fun watching him fall all over the place, blacking out, dropping his chips on the floor, and making a total idiot of himself.  Sounds like a fun date to me!

During a news interview, Johnson said, “I am not a sore loser. I’ve lost half a million. I’ve lost $800,000.  I’ve lost a lot of money. This has nothing to do with that . . . obviously I can afford what I lost.”  He also said, “This is about you (the casino) almost killing me.”   “What if I had gone to bed that night, with all those drinks in me, and I threw up on myself and I choked and died?” added Johnson.  It sounds like he is suing the casino because they didn’t provide him with a babysitter?

Nevada law states that casinos are prohibited from “permitting persons who are visibly intoxicated to participate in gaming activity” and from providing “complimentary service of intoxicating beverages in the casino area to persons who are visibly intoxicated.”

The big question here is, “if he had won a million dollars, would he have complained to the casino about serving him booze while obviously intoxicated?” 

When are people going to be responsible for their actions?   Sounds to me like he should get help for his drinking problem, not hang around casinos and bars, and stop pointing his finger at everyone else.  What goes on in Vegas, should stay in Vegas!

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