Google podcast app now defunct

Google Podcasts was a podcast application developed by Google and released on June 18, 2018, for Android devices. I had this app on my phone and told many, many people how to install the app and listen to “Home Design Chat with Nancy” while driving, exercising, walking or whatever. 

Many didn’t realize that this app existed until they were shown how to use it.  Of course, for some unknown reason to me, Google shut down the app on April 2, 2024 with a migration path to You Tube Music app.  

Spotify app

Since Home Design Chat with Nancy as well as most of the popular podcasts (in my opinion) are available on Spotify, I downloaded the Spotify app on my phone and added my preferred podcasts to my library. Easy peasy!

If you have an android phone, simply go into the Google Play Store and install the Spotify app.  Then you can start building your podcast library.  You can also download music and audiobooks. 

As far as YouTube Music app, I am still working on migrating my podcasts to that site.