Nancys avatarRecently I heard the news that the daughter of a friend was expecting a baby.  The new grandmother-to-be was very excited, so I said, “I didn’t know Mary was married.”  You would have thought I grew two heads with the look I got.  That was an innocent question, I thought!  Okay, so our society is much more accepting of different situations, and who am I to judge?

Recently I read that Carson Daly proudly announced to the world that he and his fiancé are expecting their third child.   What are they waiting for? 

We have all heard the excuse, “We’re not ready to make a commitment yet.”  Okay, so making baby #1 might have been that they were in “the moment.”  I totally get that, but now they are on baby #3.  This is the biggest commitment in the lives of adult human beings.

When will these people realize that they should be committed to each other? Yes, the wedding ceremony and marriage license are really a legal necessity.  And what does “we’re waiting for the right time to get married” mean?  Would they like a guaranteed sunny day, or maybe  when the laundry is done or when she loses her baby weight (for the 3rd time).

Now that I think about it, after 6 kids and one more on the way,Brad & Angelina are not ready for a commitment yet?  But, Kim and her sperm donor boyfriend are getting married.  These 2 publicity sponges are preparing a royal wedding just for the fanfare.  (bet you can’t wait for my commentary on that one!)

I digress!  Is marriage a thing of the past?  The structure of the typical American family has changed, but love, consideration, commitment and respect should never be overlooked in a relationship.  The only thing cohabitation eliminates is divorce, and that, my friends, is a fact!

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