nancyI have been doing more driving lately since I have projects going on in different part of the valley. I am starting to talk to myself a lot more lately and I only have the crazy drivers to blame. These people are treacherous and should not be on my road. I have complained about drivers before (several times!), but now it’s really bothering me.

Has anyone run into these morons lately?

1. The left arrow turns green, I am the 4th car and 3 go through because the first car was in la-la land and has no clue that the people behind him (that would be me)   really need to make that left turn.

2.  I put my directional signal on to change lanes. From nowhere comes a guy (most of the time it’s a guy) who doesn’t like the idea that I want to be in his lane so he speeds up and blocks me. Oh yeah, he’s on Christmas Card List for sure.

3.  The guy who thinks he’s real cool by weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off and, when he has to stop at a light, he’s still not really ahead of anyone. He’s trying to “thread the needle” but he’s just an accident waiting to happen.

4.  I always have those Sunday drivers in front of me looking at the scenery, not having a clue where they are going. They travel 5 miles below the speed limit without a care in the world. Need I say tourists, Sun City folks or clueless people.

The perfect solution for me would be to not drive and take the light rail if it would go in my direction, but it never does. Or, I could get a limo and a cute driver and sit leisurely in the back seat reading a book and relaxing.

Hmmm, that limo and driver idea is the best. Agree or disagree?