Nancys avatarEvery week when I go to the grocery store to do my shopping, I diligently take one of those wipes they provide to clean the cart handle and anything else that I might touch. We are approaching flu season, so washing my hands before I touch food or my face, etc. is a habit I have developed over the years, making sure to do everything in my power not to get sick.

In addition to every other bug trying to invade our body, we are now threatened with the Ebola virus, which is doing its best to eliminate as many people as possible in record time. So in the meantime, how do we avoid getting this illness that is now killing people in epidemic proportions?

What bean brains have decided to let people into the USA from the infected countries? First operative word here is brains, and from how the government is controlling our borders, tells us they have no brains.

Now the same Einsteins have decided to have passengers’ temperatures taken before they get on the plane. Mr. Duncan, the person who flew from Liberia to Dallas, was not sick—and was therefore not contagious—while he was traveling. Once people become symptomatic, they become very sick, very quickly.

The tragic update is that Mr. Duncan is now dead, and the nurse who wore full protective gear to treat Mr. Duncan at the Dallas hospital is now infected with Ebola.

When anyone says, “don’t worry, we have it under control,” that’s the time to be very concerned. I am not a medical person by any means, but I know SICK when I see it. Visiting Liberia is not on my bucket list, nor is having my temperature taken by airport workers.

I usually have a comical line to end my rant, but I can’t see anything funny about how this deadly disease is progressing. A very sad situation, indeed.
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