Remember what life was like before you had your smartphone or a computer?  

Shopping was a hassle and very time consuming and frustrating.

This was especially true during the holidays – finding a parking space, battling the crowds in the stores, waiting on long lines to pay for your booty, and lugging your packages to the car was not fun.  And, oh those necessary return lines were hours long!

That has all been solved with the newest addiction – online shopping!  Oh yes, surfing the internet for deals, comparing items with a few clicks and getting deliveries, sometimes within hours, has made this once grueling task more fun than bubble wrap.

Of course, every yin has its yang, and online shopping is no exception.

Avoid buying from sites that are based out of the US unless you know them personally.  Shipping is usually expensive, and returning the item and getting credit on your account might be almost impossible.

Items may look great on your screen, but touching the material and seeing the workmanship can only be done after it’s ordered and delivered. 

Going to a brick and mortar store to see the item in person will solve this problem, but then another issue has been created. You have then taken the time of a salesperson to help you with the item which you then order online. 

Salespeople are usually on commission so that person makes no money.  The unwritten rule is to purchase the item from the person who showed it to you and took the time to answer your questions. If any questions arise after the purchase, you can then talk to a real person, not an offshore customer service person.  Need I say more about that?

Beware of companies that offer free items but charge for the shipping.  Many of these deals are scams! No matter how great the product sounds these companies are experts in the art of ripping off people. Once they get your credit card they charge you monthly, and there’s not much you can do about it.  My advice is to read all the reviews 3 times and think twice about ordering the item. 

Good luck and happy shopping!