Source: Decorilla

Feng Shui’s purpose is to achieve harmony and balance between humans and their environment.

The philosophy is based around the elements of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire, which can all be represented through various shapes, colors, and materials throughout a home. The right balance cultivates happy, organized spaces that support our well-being and daily lives.

6 ways to foster a harmonious feeling with feng shui:

  • Clear away clutter especially around doors and hallways which impedes the flow of energy in the home. Remove unnecessary or unwanted items that are taking up valuable space.
  • Arrange furniture to allow open and clear pathways into and around rooms.  Don’t place furniture backs facing entrance to the room.  Avoid sharp corners on tables; opt for rounded corners.
  • A welcoming entry creates a positive first impression. Incorporate plants and plenty of light.
  • Connect with nature by bringing plants into the home that are appropriate to the lighting conditions of the home. Plants with spiky or pointy leaves should be avoided.
  • Beds, couches, desks, etc should be placed in a command position so the entry door to the room is visible. The best spot is located diagonally from the door with a solid wall behind the furniture.
  • Choosing muted, nature-inspired colors will exude calmness while brighter, vibrant colors increase energy levels. Dark colors should be lower to the floor giving a solid foundation.  Light colors on walls and ceilings give a balanced, open feel.

Photo:  David A.Land/Otto