OMG!  It was brought to my attention that many people aren’t aware of the Designers Circle Fan Page and are missing out on all the pictures of the events.  Depending on your Facebook familiarity,  you many not realize that a Fan Page is part of Facebook. 

If you have a business and just want a place to post pictures and information pertaining to that business, you create a fan page.  This page may or may not give permission to others to post on the page. Designers Circle is set up to allow comments on each posting. As a side note for people who are curious about statistics, the fan page will post the number of people (seen only by the owner of the page) each post reached. 

Unlike a personal Facebook profile, fan pages are visible to everybody on the Internet. Anyone on Facebook can connect to and receive updates from a page by becoming a fan.  Just click on “following” so you won’t miss out on anything I have posted.  

A Facebook Profile is a personal account. It’s for non-commercial use and represents individual people. When you first sign up for Facebook, you’re given a profile. Your profile is where you add friends and family and share personal photos, videos and life updates.

Note:  A fan page can not be created without having a Facebook profile page, unfortunately.

Designers Circle Fan Page is the place I chose to post all the pictures from my Happy Hours, trade shows I attend, trips having to do with design, products and more.  Specifically, ANYTHING that is not personal.  I also share articles, podcasts, etc. from Designers Circle on to the fan page.

You will find a link to this page on Designers Circle when you scroll down past the various sections.   I changed the icon for the fan page so it will be easier to understand and more user friendly.  You can scroll through all the posts and pictures to keep you busy for a year! 

For the record, I am not a huge fan of Facebook, but the Fan Page does have its good points. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.