Princess Diana in her wedding gownEvery little girl’s dream is to be a princess, well, maybe not every little girl, but most.  The storybooks and movies plant a vision of a young beauty in a Cinderella-type wedding gown being whisked off by the Prince Charming of her dreams to live happily ever after.

Well, we all know that certainly didn’t happen to Princess Diana.  Yeah, the wedding gown, the pomp and circumstance and the royal ceremony viewed by 750 million people went according to the book of rules, but then it ended in a puff of smoke. 

Prince Charming was really Prince Ugly who, according to Diana’s diary, was not the loving royal everyone thought he was.  His affair with a married woman became well-known and, well, you know the rest of the story.

So here we are, 20 years later celebrating the untimely death of Princess Diana.  But why now?  I think, in my opinion, the Royals have

Prince Charles with hair sticking straight up and his ugly look

 finally realized that they are part of the human race and can talk about incidents without spinning the truth.

Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch in England’s history, but it’s about time she followed her husband’s lead and retired.  Enough with her hand waving and ugly hats.  She should go play with her corgis and enjoy the grandkids.

No one has asked my opinion, but I think it’s about time Charles and Carmella, the Royal Uglies, leave the palace and open up a bed and breakfast in another country. Since when does a guy do the dastardly deed of continuing to have an affair after he marries someone else, especially with his high profile, and then get to be King?  Obviously, he was not around when brains and common sense were given out, so why should England have an idiot pig for a figure head?

The younger generation Royals, William and Kate, seem more down to earth and empathetic, as their popularity has proven. They should be given the Golden Buzzer and become England’s “Royal King and Queen.”  The time is now for England to stop acting snooty and pompous, and get real. 

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