Do's & don'ts of facebookThe Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook

Don’t post Private Matters
Many people have exhibitionistic tendencies and want everyone to know their most intimate secrets. Don’t tell everyone everything.

Be Mindful of what you Post
You may not realize (or maybe you do) that you could be insulting some of your friends with what you post.

Call instead of posting Personal News
Don’t tell your mate through Facebook that you are getting a divorce, unless you hate him/her that much.

Reply to Comments, especially if they are Questions
Don’t ignore your friends who have taken the time to comment, especially if the comment has substance.

Don’t comment on EVERYTHING
Commenting should mean something to the original post. Don’t comment just for the sake of commenting. If you have that much free time, get a job.

Don’t make friend requests to strangers
Requests by adults for business might work, but a better way is to request connections on Linkedin.  Teenagers should NEVER make a friend request to a stranger.

Don’t post pictures of friends in unglam poses
It comes right back at you, so chose the pictures wisely.

Don’t overshare yourself
Who cares if you are shopping, eating, sleeping,sneezing, etc.  You can overdo this and then you won’t have any friends.

Don’t share Chain posts
I don’t care what they promise, it’s never going to happen, so get over it.

Don’t Flame others
Everyone is entitled to state their own opinion but don’t overdo it or be obnoxious.

I will consider this post a community service announcement to the 1.7 billion, monthly users of Facebook. If you have your own do’s &don’ts, make a comment.
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