Nancys avatarWhat happened to chivalry or just plain manners and common sense?  The other day 2 girlfriends and I went to a well-known restaurant at a very up-scale resort in central Phoenix.  We occasionally have a “quiet” happy hour just to chat and unwind.  As we were leaving through their single store-front glass door which I was holding open, a very tall man (not a gentleman) about mid 50’s, pushed his way through the door at the same time we were exiting.  You can just picture the scene.  He was about 6 foot tall; 2 of us were 5 foot tall while the other was about 5’6”.  This really didn’t have any bearing on the scenario, but I thought I would mention it so you would know we were not intimidating by any means.

We obviously weren’t all going to get through the door at the same time so I said, “Can’t you wait until we leave?” and he said, “Why don’t you leave so I can get in?”  Now, granted his comment didn’t make sense, but he was very rude and classless.

There is no excuse for people acting like they are more important than the next guy or gal.  Maybe his parents never taught him about letting people out before you enter an elevator, a bus, a store or whatever, but this moron should have figured it out for himself.  It just makes sense instead of trying to trample over people.  Patience and consideration goes a long way.

In retrospect I should have kicked him in the ankles.
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