Have you ever thought of that perfect kitchen remodel? You spend months planning, budgeting, and picturing your wish list.  Before those demolition hammers start swinging, let’s talk about something crucial: your roof.

Your beautiful new kitchen could be overshadowed (literally!) by a leaky, outdated roof. This episode of Home Design Chat with Nancy dives into why your roof deserves just as much attention as your dream kitchen.

Charlie Holquin with Roof King is our roofing expert today and will chat with Nancy about the following:

  • Signs your roof might need attention before a remodel. Don’t let hidden problems become a nightmare after remodel project is completed.
  • All about roofs:  different roof elevations, roof materials, & maintenance
  • Roofing Nomenclature:  know what your roofer is talking about when he refers to roof elements

Because let’s face it, your home deserves a roof that’s reliable and worry-free. So tune in and ensure your home stays protected for years to come!

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