waterindexIt’s hard to believe that California is moving into its 5th year of an on-going drought with little belief that it will end anytime soon. Californians and Angelino’s are truly a self-deluding group of individual that are either very ignorant to the problem, or just refuse to see it. I still find myself letting the water run while brushing my teeth or shaving in the morning, washing the car in the driveway or even watering the lawn on my restricted off days…I am as guilty of water abuse. The drought can be blamed on many things: climate change, historic California weather pattern, too many people and unrestricted use. The lack of water is having an effect on everything from farming to real estate sales. With very little hope of rain or a heavy snow pack, our future water issue will only get worse.

Here a few things to think about:
• 50% of all fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown in California
• 61% of all used in California goes to irrigation
• 37% of our national water supply goes to grow food and live-stock production
• The average American uses 2,000 gal of water a day…twice the global average. It’s like running the dishwasher 400 times a day, per person
• A 10 minute shower takes 25 gal…a 5 minute shower would save 300 gal a month.

Water Tips:
1. Buy A New Dishwasher
A new, water and energy efficient dishwasher use is less water than washing your dishes by hand. Make sure your dishwasher is fully loaded to get the most out of your water.

2. Use it Twice
When rinsing fruits, vegetables, save the water to reuse on house and potted plants.

3. Think Local
Design your landscape to reflect local environment and climate. Use drought-tolerant plants and herbs that need less water to survive

4. Let It Rain
Avoid large concrete areas in you backyard, so rain water can soak into the ground naturally. Use rain barrels to capture rain water to use in your garden.

5. Seek Efficiency
Think about upgrading fixtures and appliances, such as dishwashers, clothes washers, water heaters and toilets, as well as faucets and fixtures to save water

6. Think Twice Before You Toss It Out
Try composting instead of using the garbage disposal. You’ll save water and reduce food waste

7. Stop and Think
*Turn off the water while brushing and shaving.
*Take shorter showers
*Set your timer on your sprinklers

This just isn’t a California crisis; it’s a national water crisis that will effect us all, and we will feel it first in our pocket books in the form of higher food and water prices long before we feel in the spigot.

We can all make a difference if we work together.

6a00d83451b6a969e2010535cf9e06970b-120wiDesigner, writer, speaker, Kevin Henry is a recognized “thought-leader” to the kitchen industry for over 30 years and is sought out for his views and observations regarding market trends and industry direction. His blog, The Essential Kitchen (www.theessentialkitchen.blogspot.com), is followed world-wide by both consumers as well as industry and media leaders. Kevin is invited to speak internationally on a wide range of topics, including luxury branding, sustainable kitchen design and market trends. Mr Henry is the Director of Business Development at DACOR, a California based manufacturer of ultra-premium residential kitchen appliances. You can contact Kevin at khenry@dacor.com