I don’t watch a lot of TV but when I do, thanks to TiVo and Prime, I rarely watch commercials.  I could praise the fact that TV watching has come a long way.  Remember when it was called a “television set” and everyone would gather around to watch Ed Sullivan in black and white?  I’m digressing so I’ll get back to my original focus.  Ah, commercials!  Yes, I happened to see Oprah Winfrey bragging about her weight loss and how Weight Watchers was the greatest thing since sliced bread (ha-ha, is that on her new diet?)

Oprah Winfrey and wagon with 60 pounds of lardI thought I was watching old reruns of commercials from many years ago. when she lost all that weight and dragged chunks of fat on stage in a red wagon.  How gross!  I get it! Being the narcissistic, self-adoring person that she is, she wanted to share her accomplishment with her audience.  Yeah, right!  She starved herself to get into skinny jeans and then 4 years later (1992) was back in fat clothes again.  What a role model, especially for teens.Heavy Oprah Winfrey

Then 2 years later she was skinny again, thanks to personal chefs and trainers.  And yet again, flaunting her new wardrobe including every exercise outfit and designer wardrobe known to man.  What gets me is that she tries to be so sympathetic to everyone aligning herself with their problems; even having tears rolling down her cheeks to actuate the moment. She seems to be very quick to give advice on how to lose weight. Yeah, right?

So here we are in 2017, back to Miss Yoyo Queen’s commercials about losing weight.  Can we all lose weight?  Yes, absolutely!  Can we all afford a personal staff to cook our meals, tie our running shows and re-create our wardrobe at will?  Probably not!  Can we all afford to join Weight Watchers?  Yes, definitely, but we most likely cannot  afford to plunge $43M into purchasing 10% of Weight Watcher stock?  As a side note, where was she when Twinkies needed a boost?  Winfrey is also on the Board of Directors of Weigh Watchers and acts as an adviser. Now she’s an adviser? Of what?  Someone please tell me.

I’m not taking away the fact that Oprah has done good in certain areas of the world, and but to constantly brag about her weight loss escapades is sickening.  She should shut up about it already.  Enough is enough!