Nancys avatarYes, I have complained several times about people who know nothing about driving, but think that if they practice on the streets, somehow they will become good drivers.  This could possibly be true if they don’t kill someone first.

The other day I was approaching an intersection when I heard a fire siren and actually saw the fire truck ½ block from the intersection so I stopped, of course making sure that no one was on my rear bumper.  It was at this point that I watched people going straight through the intersection and some making left turns while the fire truck waited for them.

Excuse me, but where does it say that when you see an emergency vehicle — speed up, cut them off, ignore them and make believe they don’t exist?  Isn’t there a rule that says to pull over to the side of the road and stop if it can be done in a safe manner.  Or at least, safely stop in place so these emergency vehicles can have a clear path to wherever they are going?  These drivers are the same morons who would complain about calling 911 and not getting a response quick enough to suit them.   

And while I am on this subject , let me just say that when drivers are in the middle lane, stopped and waiting to move into traffic, why do they cut in front of my car and then go 10 miles an hour?  I can walk faster than they drive. 

So, if these people are hoping to get the “Good Driver Award,” forget it.  They should think about getting a horse.  No, they’d probably get the poor animal killed.  They should invest in a good pair of walking shoes.
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