Nancys avatarTaking responsibility seems to be an oxymoron. People are so quick to point the finger and blame the other person, never taking responsibility for their own mistakes. I wrote about this same subject many months ago, but I was just reading the update on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” fiasco, which by the way, I have never watched.

It seems that the notorious couple, Joe & Teresa Giudice, pled guilty to fraud charges that will send them both to the big house. They are guilty of fraudulent mortgage and construction loans totaling $5M, and are also guilty of mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. Joe also pled guilty to avoiding income taxes on nearly $1 million between 2004 and 2008.

At the end of the day, Teresa is blaming Joe for everything that has happened because he wasn’t honest with her. She said she had no clue what was going on. Right! Joe is saying that he left out many of his assets on his disclosure forms because he was upset by the death of his father. Joe’s mother is taking responsibility by saying that she should have never had little Joe naturalized when he came to America at the tender age of one. The entire family is crazy nuts.

These two idiots, Joe & Teresa, have lied all the way through the trial and will probably end up doing a show from prison. The money will never stop flowing into their hands until people stop watching this circus and all the other ridiculous reality shows that seem to have people riveted to their big screens.

Along the same lines, Piers Morgan is blaming Cooper Anderson for his show being canceled. Not a chance! His big mouth and obnoxious attitude got him off the big tube. No way can he blame other people. I have watched him on American Idol several years ago, so I speak first hand. He should crawl back under his rock.

It comes down to reaping what you sow. Remember, God is watching!

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