em3imagesBy no means am I the expert on internet intricacies, but I do want to review a few simple rules of email.  Firstly, we all know that once you put anything on the internet, you can’t take it back, or “you can’t un-ring the bell.”  I have mentioned this several times before but it is worth repeating. You are only kidding yourself if you think no one will read about your affairs, your indiscretions or your personal thoughts.  You might as well write a book and monetize your life if it’s that interesting.

Secondly, edit your email for grammar and punctuation.  You certainly don’t want people thinking you ended your education at 3rd grade.  Also, don’t send an email in all caps.  Keep your message short and concise and avoid too many attachments.  By the way, don’t get caught up in chain letters, no matter what good luck it says it will bring you.  They don’t work!  The person starting the chain letter is doing it to get email addresses from wherever he can.  If you think everyone on the internet is honest, wake up.  There are more underhanded scams than you can ever imagine.

There are several other rules I could pass on, but in my opinion, one of the major rules of email etiquette is to ANSWER YOUR EMAIL!!!  When you get an email, or a text for that matter, it would take a second to send the word “okay” or “fine” or “sure.”  But to ignore an email is like answering your door, not saying anything and slamming the door in your visitor’s face.  Sending a one-word response would acknowledge your receipt of the email.  To ignore it is inconsiderate and very unprofessional.  These are the same individuals who get upset when they don’t get a response from an email they have sent. 

That reply button was put on your email for a reason.  Oh, and one more thing!  When the email is addressed to more than you, the “reply to all” button should be used, unless, of course, it’s not appropriate to your response.

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