It happens after every Olympics!  Kids get excited about sports and want to be the best they can be and parents want to provide what is needed for their little future Olympian.  Nancy’s guest is Jay Littman,  Lead salesperson & designer at Desert Tropic Custom Pools and Spas in Peoria, Arizona.  Jay is a champion diver and medal winner who has spent more hours in the water than most people, so he knows all about pools. 

Check the show notes and learn what to ask when you are planning to have a pool in your backyard.

  • What type of pools are available
  • The costs of 
  • different pool types (including hidden costs)
  • And advantages/disadvantages of each
  • The construction timeframe and process
  • Size, shape, and design
  • Is tile necessary
  • Cool deck vs other material
  • Landscaping – what kind of vegetation is the best
  • How to find a good pool contractor
  • What kind of maintenance does a pool require
  • How to make a pool kid safe

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