With the global pandemic still with us, but with vaccines becoming all the rage, 2021 is going to be an interesting year indeed!

Are you getting into a queue for your vaccine? Can you make an appointment, are you worried about allergies and side effects, are you hearing about Variants of Concern and thinking the worst? Well surely this will be an ongoing topic we bounce around, but get vaccinated! You get to go outside and hang out with other people, and you’ll even get a second date out of it so you can all get your booster!

But then, what about gathering in crowds of more than one indoors at trade shows and other such places? Will we ever venture to Vegas or LA or other cities around the US or even around the world to meander through crowds, to see and learn about the latest and greatest in the world of Consumer Electronics, Kitchens and Bathrooms, and such things as Guns and Rodeos and Broadcasting equipment and even Pizza! Online video meetings have changed the world, are we ready to go back to over-priced hotels and waiting for shuttles to and fro carrying branded bags of tchotchkes and some throat lozenges? It appears we have at least a few months to ponder the future.

Speaking of K/BIS, the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show (which we did, go ahead and listen!), did you know you can get signed up to attend and even get a Monogram tour, even if you’re not in the Kitchen/Bath Industry? If you’re thinking Virtual Attendance, they have a deal for you:

Free attendance compliments of Monogram. K/BIS registration link:  Geahybrid.events To schedule a guided Monogram tour email Deron at:  Deron.Rensen@geappliances.com

Give a listen to Nancy’s podcast all about this, visit that episode at https://designerscirclehq.com/podcast-deron-renson/

As usual we have plenty to say about plenty of things, and we look forward to adding guests and interactive live streams and all sorts of modern conveniences. If we’re going to be hanging out while vaccinations and mitigations are protecting all of us, why not have a chat?

Find Nancy’s online endeavors (including her other podcast) at https://designerscirclehq.com/ and if you want to know more about anything from this or any episode, or if you’d like to be a guest on our new show, email! Nancy@hugofloss.co 

Dan is still working between vaccination pod volunteer gigs and long quiet walks in his Las Vegas neighborhood. Got questions? Email always works for Dan@hugofloss.co