If you wait long enough you will see again!  That old saying reflects furniture, fashion, colors and just about everything we have seen in the past.  The key is to have the patience to wait for the revival of the item you loved and to have the space to hang on to it.

Jewelry is a perfect example of the constant changing styles. 

  • Over the years we have seen different metals, from gold to silver to copper,  pop up at the fashion shows. 
  • Chunky plastic jewelry was once in style, or is it back again?
  • Delicate chains with initials, zodiac signs and scripted names were popular and still worn by many.
  • Matched sets of earrings, necklaces and bracelets to be worn at one time.
  • Small, delicate wrist watches vs oversized watches.
  • Brooches and pins like Queen Elizabeth always wore.

The question is do we give in to the designers and marketers who suggest what the masses should do?  I explicitly say “suggest” because the public is not forced to do anything.  I do believe that we have choices and the best choice, in my opinion, is to be confident and stick to your own style. Some feel comfortable following fads and trends, and others like Iris Apfel create their own look.  If you are not familiar with Ms. Apfel, I suggest you click on the link.