I have written about dressing professionally many times.  You never know who you will meet no matter where you are going.  It is so important to represent yourself and your company at all times in a way that makes you proud.

2017 has had a lot of crazy trends.  We’ll look back on these in 5 years and wonder “what were they thinking?”  This is just my opinion on some of the trends that, I hope, are on their way out for 2018.

For those who have overly plump lips- they look ridiculous and make it difficult for others to understand when Miss Big Lips is speaking.  What makes these women think they look gorgeous with cow lips.  Kylie Jenner gets the credit for nothing! Now go try to be a normal mother and stay away from selfies.

Eye brows have had it’s thick and thin waves over the years, but why does everyone want to look like Groucho Marx? I can tell you from experience that shaping eyebrows can be a very time-consuming art.  Doing one is fine but then matching the other is almost impossible. To everyone with eyebrows, good luck! 

Wearing sweats and oversized clothes are so comfortable but should be kept for lounging in your own home. Going out in public, other than the gym, is not a good look if you are working on your image.  And those yoga pants, as I’ve said before, are definitely not doing anything for you, especially if you are larger than a size 10.  Please, please look at your behind in a mirror before you subject others to look at it.

Short skirts look great on women with long legs, something I wish I had.  But with short skirts and dresses comes the challenge of bending down and/or sitting in a chair.  Think about it.  If you are not careful, you will share your attributes with everyone.

Well, this is the last that I will comment on the subject of professional dressing for this year.  Home I gave people something to think about.