Nancys avatarOh, my God, I’m turning into my mother, but is it really necessary to have these out-of-control music-drug festivals? And if you think it’s only music and the kids are getting together to dance and be social, you’re in la-la land.

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend to enjoy the company of my 2 adult children and celebrate their birthday. They are NOT twins, but were born on the same day. Since they have busy lives (like I don’t?), I thought I would snag the opportunity to spend time with them because who knows when this would happen again.

As luck would have it, after we checked in to our downtown hotel, we learned that there was going to be a crazy event named the Electric Daisy Carnival, to be held at the Las Vegas Speedway, bringing in 400,000 people. Who knew?

This little love fest was likened to l969’s Woodstock. Although I remember Woodstock happening, I did not attend this event described as 3 days of rampant drug abuse, outdoor sex and loud music, along with food shortages and backed up toilets.

Getting back to this crazy carnival, the hotels ramped up their security, and wouldn’t let anyone into the rooms unless they wore a color-coded wrist band that was given to everyone who checked it. No exceptions! They had already escorted several people out of our hotel as of Saturday morning.

Unfortunately a young California man died Saturday of unknown causes, pending an autopsy, and five people have been hospitalized. I am grateful that my children never attended, nor are they likely to attend this type of mass gathering.

I hate to sound like a helicopter mom, but I really don’t know what I would do if I had young children today. Yes, there were crazy times when I was growing up, but it seems so much worse now. I hate to preach doom and gloom, but gone are the days when you could leave your front door unlocked, and you felt that your children were safe in school.

Will those days ever be back?

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